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Mortgages for renovation

Our Mortgage Service For Renovating Properties

Why choose our service?

Fair Mortgages can provide you with a first class mortgage service if you are looking to raise finance to renovate a property. 

Special features of what we offer include:

  • Whole of market service - we cover over 60 UK lenders
  • Great Loan Rates! - Access to leading market rates
  • Exclusive Deals - Access to exclusive deals not available on high street
  • Fast turnaround - call us if you need to move fast!
  • Less than perfect credit history? - We have lenders who will take into account previous defaults and missed payments 
  • Raising additional finance - If you are looking to raise finance we will look at all your finance options as well as remortgaging including second charge.

To investigate your options for raising finance for a renovation project call our specialist team on 0117 313 7780 or fill in our call back form. 

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Mortgages & Second Charge Loans For Renovation Projects

If you want to buy a house to renovate you will enjoy many advantages such as being able to design the unique property you have always dreamed about; enjoying the satisfaction of turning a derelict property into a beautiful home, and possibly getting an impressive but run-down property for a much lower price than you would pay if it were in top condition.

However, before you get started on your dream property renovation project, bear in mind that you will probably need a specialist renovation mortgage in order to buy the house rather than a normal residential mortgage.

How are mortgages for renovation different?

Mortgages for renovation differ from standard residential mortgage deals in that they will take into consideration whether the property you want to renovate is currently in a habitable or uninhabitable state.

A habitable property is considered to be one that has a weatherproof roof and walls, plumbing, and other basic features that would allow a person to live in it at the time of purchase. For these type of renovation properties lenders are more willing to offer high loan to value mortgage deals. However they may withhold some funds until essential repairs – for example, minor roofing repairs - are completed.

If the property you want to renovate is currently uninhabitable – for instance, a disused barn or industrial building, or a residential property that is serious disrepair and needs modernisation – then getting a high loan to value mortgage could prove a little more difficult.

Getting the best mortgages for renovation

Some lenders specialise in offering renovation mortgage so it makes sense to seek them out as a first port of call – you could be more likely to get the loan you want by tailoring your approach to mortgage providers. Speak to our specialist team to help you find the right mortgage option for you. 

Call our Mortgage and Loan Team on 0117 313 7780 or request a Callback to discuss your requirements.

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