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Finance for Un-Mortgageable Properties

Our Mortgage Service - Raising finance for an unmortgageable property

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Finance for Un-Mortgageable Properties

Generally speaking, conventional mortgage providers will only lend on properties that are considered to be habitable at the time of purchase. To be considered habitable a property needs to have certain features in place such as being weatherproof and having functioning plumbing, so if you wish to add these features to a property such as a disused barn or warehouse, you may need to consider your financing options more carefully.

A bridging loan could offer you the chance to finance fixing up a property even if you cannot get a mortgage on it. As long as you have sufficient equity in your home to get a secured loan, you may be able to get a bridging loan to fund the purchase and renovation of an unmortgageable property.

What counts as an unmortgageable property?

Most importantly on a bridging loan as it is secured on a property, we will consider every application irrespective of your personal circumstances. Some examples of the types of property that you may face difficulty in securing a mortgage, and in which a bridging loan may be useful, for could include:

  • Dilapidated properties that are not considered to be in a habitable state

  • Change of use properties – conversions may not be funded by all mortgage lenders so you may need to seek out alternative finance

  • Tower blocks

  • Buildings with non-standard construction materials – such as thatch or concrete

  • Other property types will often be considered – speak to your chosen lender to discuss this possibility

Getting Finance for Un-Mortgageable Properties

If you cannot get a mortgage for the property you would like to purchase, the good news is that there are still options to help you out. A bridging loan can help you to finance the renovation of an unmortgageable property and has the advantage of being quick to set up and flexible in terms of the approach to borrowing.

Some finance providers will help you to structure your borrowing by arranging to arrange to fund the purchase of the property and then releasing the remainder of the money in instalments as the renovation project unfolds.

If you are unsure about what bridging loan product is suitable for you to speak to one of our advisers click here »

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