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London Mortgage Services

If you are looking to buy a property in London, you will probably already be aware that this process comes with its own unique set of challenges that are not really found elsewhere in the UK. Issues that can affect getting a mortgage in London could include: 

  • High average asking prices compared to the rest of the UK – property prices in the capital have shown an upward trend throughout the wider problems in the housing market over the past few years – which would seem to indicate that the London housing market is a special case when it comes to buying a property and getting a mortgage to do so. Research by Rightmove suggests that the average asking price of a property in London has risen by £80,000 since the start of 2014 alone.

  • Overseas and rental investment in prime London real estate - Research from the Smith Institute in 2012 indicated that over 60% of new homes in central London were bought by overseas investors, with many kept empty or let out in order to take advantage of the attractive rental yields available. More recent research from property developers de Candole Residential indicates that this trend is particularly strong at the higher end of the London property market, with half of the  London properties priced at over £2m and 70% of properties over the £10m mark bought by overseas buyers.

  • Lack of London property availability - lack of land for development in central London, plus strict planning controls in some areas, can create a bottleneck when it comes to housing supply. This, in turn, can cause prices to rise as demand for London property increases. Mortgage Advice Button 1

How do I get a mortgage in London?

Getting a London mortgage can be a smoother process if you use a broker who specialises in mortgage services in the Capital. London mortgage services could help you to navigate the unique challenges of the London property market, whether you are buying a mansion in Kensington or a flat in Balham. A mortgage adviser who specialises in London mortgage services could help you to: 

  • Understand the London housing market and make realistic offers – for example, you may need to adjust your expectations when it comes to making an offer if you are moving from an area with lower average asking prices.

  • Compare London boroughs in terms of average asking price, as well as in terms of other important factors such as average Council tax, travel costs to the centre of London, and average price changes in the past few years.

  • Guide you through the process of getting a mortgage, from getting an agreement in principle to making an offer and exchanging contracts. Click on the link to find out more about the mortgage application process >> 

Our London mortgage service can help you to buy a property in London by allowing you to compare over 5,000 different mortgage deals using our FREE online mortgage calculator. This interactive tool can help you to find suitable mortgage deals for your circumstances, whether you are looking to buy your first home in London, remortgage a London house, or purchase a property to rent out in a desirable London borough.  Simply enter your deposit amount and income to find the best mortgage rates for you.