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Bad Credit Mortgage Broker

The majority of traditional lenders will not provide mortgages to applicants with bad credit.Mortgage Advice Button 1

Credit can be negatively affected by a number of factors including:

  • A County Court Judgement                                              
  • Any bankruptcy proceedings                                            
  • A late payment of a utility bill               
  • Entering into an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) with your creditors

You can obtain a credit rating report from any credit rating agency such as Experian.

If you have bad credit but require a mortgage, it is advisable to contact a mortgage broker to explore your financial options and arrange the financial solution that caters for your needs.

We are a specialist mortgage broker dealing with poor credit - Contact us »


Why Choose Fair Mortgages for a Mortgage

As a mortgage broker, we specialise in arranging mortgages for individuals with bad credit and are looking to complete a property transaction.

We have the expertise and knowledge of the financial services market to identify the most suitable funding for our clients.

We regularly work with private banks, specialist lenders, family offices and wealth managers who are willing to provide mortgages to applicants with bad credit.  

Our Bad Credit Mortgage Broker Service

Our independent mortgage broker service offers:

  • Access to the whole market – we can compare most UK lenders who will deal with bad credit ratings.
  • Credit repair mortgages – we can source mortgages that will provide the money you need and help you rebuild your credit rating.
  • Finance within a short period of time – contact us today and we can secure the funding you need swiftly.
  • Financial solutions for raising additional funding on top of an existing mortgage – If you have an existing mortgage that does not cater for your needs, we can help.

How to get a Mortgage with Bad Credit

We are a specialist mortgage broker dealing with poor credit - Contact us »

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