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Banks That Offer Bridge Loans

Bridge loans are a really convenient way to access capital quickly.

They are commonly used for various types of property deals where other types of borrowing, such as a mortgage, can’t be accessed. They are often also referred to as bridging loans and bridging finance.

Bridging Calculator

Not all lenders offer this type of short term finance, so if you need to find bridging finance, it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the banks that offer bridge loans and how you can go about applying to them for the money you need.

Which banks offer bridge loans?

A number of high street banks and private lenders offer bridging loans. Most of these are only available through loan brokers, as even high street banks do not normally offer bridge loans direct to the public.

Some well-known banks that offer bridge loans include:

How to get a bridge loan

To get a bridge loan you will normally need to work through a loan broker because, as mentioned above, most bridging loan lenders do not work directly with the public. High street banks normally have separate subsidiaries for handling bridging loans that are only accessible to brokers.

To find out how much you could borrow and how much it is likely to cost you, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly, expert team of independent bridging loan brokers using the contact form on the right or by calling 0117 403 4474.

Find the best interest rates from banks that offer bridge loans

Our bridge loan calculator offers a fast, straightforward way to compare deals from all of the banks that offer bridge loans. We work with all the leading lenders, so you can be confident we are showing you the top deals from across the market.

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