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Finance For Property Development

Our Property Development Finance Service

Our Property Development Finance Services can provide you with: 

  • Exclusive Deals – We provide you with exclusive mortgage deals that you will not find elsewhere on the high street.

  • Whole of market Service – We compare all deals from all of the top lenders in the market so you do not have to. 

  • Lowest Rates – We give you access to the leading mortgage deals.

  • Swift Turnaround – You can contact us today if you need to work quickly

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Raising finance for property development

If you are a property developer, investor or even a landlord looking to make some extensive redesigns; there is a range of funding options available for you that vary depending on your plans and situation.

  • Property Development Mortgages – Property development mortgages are intended for individuals who are looking to add to a portfolio of properties with the intention of selling them on or making them available to rent.

  • Self Build Mortgage and Bridging Loans – People who plan to construct or redesign an individual property for their own use or to sell on can often finance their work using a bridging loan or a self-build mortgage

Deciding what type of property development finance deal is important and can be stressful and difficult. A specialist mortgage advisor will have the expertise to help you choose which type of property development finance deal is most fitting for your circumstances. To find out more call us today on 0117 403 4474 or alternatively, complete our call back request form.

What should I consider before selecting a funding option?

There are several aspects that should be taken into consideration when deciding what funding option is most suitable for you, which include:

  • Your level of experience – If you can demonstrate to lenders a good track record of successfully completing renovation projects, and going on to let or sell the properties; this will greatly help in reassuring potential lenders.

  • Ownership of required land – If you are yet to purchase the required land needed for development, it is possible to receive an advance from mortgage brokers to support the purchase, and to then provide the remainder of the mortgage money to fund the development itself.

  • The condition of the property – Whether the property is in a habitual state at the time the mortgage is arranged is also important to be considered.

  • Changeover of property function - Whether the property is being changed over from one function to another – for instance, a derelict factory into apartments.

  • Your available funds- Some mortgages for property development will oblige you to have funds of around 30-40% of the general budget plan for the development. In the event that you have a proven track record of success in property development, some brokers might be willing to offer higher sums of money on more flexible terms.

Final Thoughts

Essentially, lenders need to be assured that their cash is recoverable if there is a need to sell the property later. For obvious reasons, mortgages for property development are seen as being more financially perilous to lenders than standard mortgages. Consequently, your personal circumstances and intentions with the property must be considered before deciding which funding options are suitable for you.

Property development can be a complex area when it comes to finance. Ultimately, whilst it is important to do your own research, you can also benefit from gaining advice from a mortgage specialist. To speak to us today call 0117 403 4474 or alternatively, complete our call back request form.A Complete Service


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