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4.83% 5 Year Fixed

  • 65% LTV
  • Overall cost for comparison 5.9% APRC
  • £500 Cashback

Representative Example: Mortgage of £100,000 on property valued at £200,000 over term of 25 years. Rate fixed for 60 months after which reverts to lender variable rate of 6.49%.

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4.89% 10 Year Fixed

  • 75% LTV
  • Overall cost for comparison 5.5% APRC
  • £1000 Cashback

Representative Example: Mortgage of £100,000 on property valued at £200,000 over term of 25 years. Rate fixed for 10 years after which reverts to lender variable rate of 6.24%.

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Mortgages for Barristers

Our Mortgage Service For Legal Professionals

Special features of what we offer include:

  • Whole of market service - we work with most UK lenders

  • Access to leading market mortgage rates 

  • Access to exclusive mortgage deals not available on high street

  • Do you have a complex income structure? We work with lenders who are used to unusual income streams and clients who are self employed

  • Fast turnaround - speak to us today if you need to move quickly

  • We have lenders who will take into account previous credit issues 

  • Looking to raise additional finance on top of your existing mortgage or buy to let mortgage? - we have access to a range of innovative finance solutions

To investigate your mortgage options if you are a barrister call our specialist mortgage team on 0117 403 4474 or fill in our callback request form.

"The essence of the Fair Mortgages service is professional independent mortgage and protection advice brought to you by a team of specialist advisers and experienced administration support. 

As your mortgage is such an important transaction, good advice is imperative.

Why Choose Us?

Mortgages For Barristers

Mortgages for Barristers

As a barrister it may come as a surprise to find that you may face difficulties when getting a high-value mortgage that reflects your professional status and you may need to look beyond the high street lenders for the right solution for you.

Because of the structure of working practices within the legal profession and in particular the self-employed status of barristers, a standard mortgage affordability check may not give an accurate picture of your true financial worth as a barrister.  The nature of payment for barristers is often sporadic, although overall earnings may be high.

Situations such as drawn-out court cases, chasing payments from clients, and the cost of chambers, legal memberships and travel can all add up and can mean that your demonstrable monthly income fluctuates. This can be misunderstood by standard mortgage lenders, who may not have the specialist knowledge to understand the nature of your work as a barrister.

What is more, as a barrister you work for yourself and probably have a hectic schedule, which can leave little time for seeking out the right mortgage deal from an understanding lender. Our independent mortgage team can help you to find specialist mortgage deals for barristers, saving you time and money.

Mortgage providers who specialise in mortgages for barristers are understanding of the nature of the profession and will assess affordability on a basis that is tailored to the income structure of the legal profession.

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Benefits of specialist mortgage deals for barristers

A good quality mortgage for barristers could provide you with a range of features and benefits such as:

  • If you are a pupil barrister then you may find it even harder to get a conventional mortgage than your more established colleagues. This is because many standard mortgage providers require three years’ proof of earning to offer a self-employed mortgage deal. As a trainee barrister you may not be able to provide three years’ worth of accounts. What is more, your earnings may increase significantly each year during your training, which means that your potential mortgage lender could fail to get a true picture of your actual earning potential once you have qualified.

  • Mortgages at up to 90% loan to value (LTV) may be available under certain circumstances

  • Help to find the best interest rates that reflect your true earning capacity

  • Flexible repayment conditions tailored to your financial situation

Speak to our specialist team to help you find the right mortgage option for you on 0117 403 4474 or click here » to request a callback.

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