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Mortgages For Flat Roof Properties

Looking for a mortgage for a property with a flat roof? See below a selection of lenders:

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Mortgages For Flat Roof Properties

If you are interested in purchasing a property that has a flat roof, or other characteristics of non-standard construction.

You may find finding the right mortgage for your specific needs more complex. This is because some lenders can be more reluctant to lend on non-standard construction properties.

Getting a mortgage for a flat roof property

One of the reasons why certain lenders can be reluctant to lend for a property with a flat-roof or other non-standard construction is out of worry that the property will be difficult to sell on, should they have to repossess the property if the borrower does not make their mortgage repayments.

However many properties, such as larger blocks of flats have flat roofs and homes with a flat room may have unique market appeal to buyers, for example many modern architect designed houses have flat roofs.

Depending on the property some lenders may require a flat roofed property to have a roof inspection. Some lenders may limit the overall percentage of the total roof area that can be flat. Others may have no issue lending on a property that has 100% flat roofing.

There are many lenders that do offer mortgage products suitable for flat roof properties, therefore it is worth shopping around different providers to try and find the best deal for a product that suits your specific requirements.

Before taking out a mortgage

As with a mortgage for any property, it may be wise to first consider exactly what kind of mortgage you want for a flat roof property, for instance whether you want a capital repayment or interest only mortgage, or what sort of initial rate period you feel would be best.  

Mortgage Lenders That Accept Flat Roof Properties

Buyers thinking of buying a flat roof property, or other property of non-standard construction, may benefit from seeking the services of an independent mortgage adviser.

A mortgage adviser that offers a whole of market service can use their professional knowledge of the market to search across arrange of providers to try and find the most suitable products for their clients, There are also some mortgages from certain lenders that can only be applied for via an intermediary, which in some cases could present the best deal for a borrower.

In addition to all this independent advisers can provide impartial advice to their clients.