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New Build Developer Loans

Our Development Finance Service Provides:

  • Development finance from £100,000
  • Finance for: New build, conversion, minor & major refurbishment
  • Residential developments of all types
  • Up to 65% GDV finance available
  • Up to 100% development cost finance available
  • 100% joint venture finance available for experienced developers

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What are new build developer loans?

When planning a new build it is important to have your funding in place as soon as possible to ensure a smooth program of works. Many new build developers use short term finance in the form of a bridging loan to help them move forward quickly with their projects.

Bridging finance for new build developments is normally offered over 12-18 months, although some lenders may consider longer loan terms depending on the circumstances. These funds will usually be released in stages as the build progresses, with each instalment being delivered when the next milestone is reached e.g. completing the foundations or getting wind and water tight.

New build developer loans can be accessed by both large commercial developers and private individuals looking to fund a self-build home. Depending on the goals of the project, the bridging loan will normally be repaid either by refinancing or selling the finished development when the build is complete.

Applying for finance for new build developments

To apply for a new build developer loan, you will normally need the following:

  • Documentation of your income, expenditures, assets and liabilities
  • Recent bank statements
  • A valuation of your project from a lender-approved professional
  • Detailed breakdown of project costs
  • Development timeline
  • All relevant planning permission documents
  • Building regulations consent
  • Your National House Building Council (NHBC) insurance details or an equivalent
  • An exit strategy i.e. how you will repay the loan

The cost of new build developer loans

Exactly how much your development finance will cost will depend on a variety of factors, including how much you borrow, how long for and what percentage of the Gross Development Value (GDV) of the project you need to borrow. GDV is how much the development is likely to be worth once complete and the lower your loan to GDV ratio, the better rates you will normally get on your loan.

To calculate how much your loan will cost, you will normally use three main figures:

Arrangement fees – A set-up fee for taking out the loan, normally equal to a percentage of the total loan value and payable at the start of the loan term.

Monthly repayments – Usually just the interest on the loan as the capital is normally repaid in full when the loan term ends with this kind of short term development finance.

Exit fees – Due at the end of the loan term when you repay the capital. Generally calculated as a percentage of the total loan value. Not all lenders charge an exit fee and this can make a big difference to the overall cost of the loan.

Compare new build developer loans

There are many different lenders offering new build development finance, giving borrowers a great deal of choice. With so many choices, however, it can be tough to find which lender is offering the best deal for your borrowing needs.

Fair Mortgages’ specialist development loan brokers can make the process of finding development finance much easier. We have access to all the top lenders, including many not available on the high street. This means we can quickly find you the very best deals available without a lot of legwork on your part, meaning you get a fair deal, fast.

To find out more, call Fair Mortgages today on 0117 313 6058 or use our contact form for a quick response. 

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