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Mortgages for Solicitors

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Mortgages for Solicitors

As a solicitor it may come as a surprise to fine that you may face difficulties when getting a high-value mortgage that reflects your professional status and you may need to look beyond the high street lenders to find the best mortgages for solicitors. Because of the nature of the legal profession, standard mortgage assessments may not give an accurate picture of your true earnings as a solicitor. As an example, a regular high street mortgage lender may not take into account you overtime, bonus payments, or any additional freelance billable hours undertaken. Mortgage providers who specialise in mortgages for solicitors are understanding of the nature of the profession and will assess affordability on a basis that is tailored to the income structure of the legal profession.

Benefits of specialist mortgages for solicitors

A good quality mortgage for solicitors could provide you with a range of features and benefits such as:

  • Top rates of interest tailored to your professional earning capacity
  • Some mortgage providers will offer mortgages for solicitors at up to 90% loan to value (LTV) If you’re 21 or over and a fully qualified solicitor
  • Generous affordability calculations based on expected high income
  • Special deals for people working in the Magic Circle who are not from the UK i.e. American citizens relocating to London
  • Flexible repayment conditions tailored to solicitors who may have an irregular but high income
  • The option of offset mortgages for solicitors - in some cases you may be able to use your savings to offset your mortgage, reducing your monthly repayments
  • If you are trainee solicitor you may still be able to get a guarantor mortgage even though you are not yet fully qualified

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