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Remortgage For Adverse Credit

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  • We have lenders who will take into account previous defaults and missed payments 
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Remortgage for adverse credit

With an advert credit score remortgaging a property can present more of a challenge to borrowers and may be more expensive, however doing so is not impossible. There are a number of reasons why a borrower with bad credit may wish to remortgage, for instance. If they are currently on an adverse credit mortgage and but their credit score has subsequently improved, it may be that they could secure a better mortgage deal saving money, alternatively they may wish to raise capital by taking out a larger mortgage on their property.

The key thing to consider with adverse credit remortgaging, is that if your circumstances have changed remortgaging even if not done so to raise capital can increase the cost of your mortgage payments. It is therefore worth carefully considering if it is the right choice for you, as well as thoroughly shopping around different providers to try and find the best product for your needs.

About adverse credit remortgages

As lending to borrowers with adverse credit scores is considered higher risk, adverse credit mortgages tend to carry higher interest rates as well as arrangement fees. The amount of mortgages available to a borrower then will be dependent on the exact severity of their credit history, for instance there may be a wider selection of products available to a borrower who has a few missed payments on their credit history than for a borrower with a recent County Court Judgement (CCJ) or bankruptcy.

When remortgaging it is important to factor in any associated fees to try and work out which product would offer you the best value overall, consider that if a particular product has sufficiently high enough arrangement fees it could negate any of the savings you thought you stood to make from taking it out.

Independent Mortgage Adviser

Whatever the reason you are interested in a remortgage for adverse credit you may benefit from using the services of an independent mortgage adviser. An adviser which offers a whole of market service can use their expertise to search across the market for you to try and find the most suitable products for your specific criteria, there is also a selection of specialist mortgage products from lenders who are not on the high street, which can only be applied for via an adviser, one of which could be the right choice for you.

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