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Get the right remortgage with CCJ

If you have a County Court Judgement (also shortened to CCJ) against you, this can make getting a remortgage a bit harder than it is for people who do not have CCJs, in light of the fact that they show up on your credit record. Luckily, we can help you to get hold of the remortgage with CCJ that you want – call today on 0117 332 3389 and let our expert, independent and whole of market mortgage advisers help you locate the best remortgage deals with CCJs.

What is a CCJ?

You may have a CCJ in light of the fact that you've neglected to make timely repayments on a debt and have been taken to court. In the event that you fails to reimburse the cash owed before a month has passed, the CCJ goes in your credit record.

For six years after it is issued, a CCJ shows up on an open database called the Register of Judgments, Orders and Fines, and also shows up on your credit record.  Therefore, during these six years your CCJ is classed as ‘current’ and this will be taken into account by any lender who you approach for a loan, including a mortgage or remortgage. This means that if you want to get a remortgage during these six years you will probably have the most success if you approach a mortgage provider who specialises in offering remortgages to people with current CCJs.

You can have more than one CCJ on your credit record, and obviously, the more you have, the poorer your chances of getting a good remortgage rate. If you have multiple CCJs against your name it may be advisable to seek expert advice before approaching remortgage providers., in order to maximise your chances of getting a remortgage deal at an acceptable rate.

Get a remortgage with a CCJ

Before you begin to discuss your remortgage plans with various providers with the aim of getting a remortgage with a CCJ, you ought to investigate the current state of your credit rating. It is all too easy to turn a blind eye to your credit record, especially in the event that you know it to be not the best. In any case, it's vital to know precisely what your position is and what you can do to make your financial record more appealing to remortgage dealers. In order to check your credit report online you can use one of several websites offering this service. Doing so allows you to check precisely what you have left to repay on any outstanding debts, and will also let you check how much time is left to run on your CCJ. Although you cannot expunge a current CCJ from your credit report, it is still worth checking your credit record to make sure that it is otherwise as good as it can possibly be. Make sure that you are registered on the electoral roll, close down any unused credit cards, and check that all your details are up to date.

It is generally a smart idea to check your credit report before you apply for a remortgage with CCJ, because lenders are now in charge of checking the affordability of any mortgage or remortgage deal they offer and are therefore more cautious than in years past. You could have an issue with your credit rating in light of the fact that you have neglected to update minor factors that influence your credit score; for example, not having your most up to date address, or having a lot of unused credit cards. It is likewise not impossible to have a poorer credit score than you deserve, due to a mistake on your credit file, so it is always a good idea to check this before you make a remortgage application. If you should find a mistake on your credit report, you should contact the credit reference agency to get any mix-ups corrected, keeping in mind that your end goal is to give you the best credit score that is feasible for your current financial situation. Putting these points into action could go some way to helping you have a better chance of getting a remortgage with CCJ. 

Choosing to remortgage with CCJ

A remortgagewith CCJ is a big financial decision with various benefits and potential drawbacks attached, which means that getting the best CCJ remortgage advice should be a key priority. At Fair Mortgages our team of independent, whole of market mortgage experts can discuss your CCJ remortgage requirements and help you to find the most suitable remortgage deals with CCJ – call us today on 0117 332 3389 or to speak to one of our mortgage advisers click here »

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