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What is your mortgage for?

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0.87% APR 

  • Fixed for 26 months
  • 60% LTV - Interest only option
  • Overall cost for comparison 3.20%

Representative Example: 

Mortgage of £180,000 on property valued at £300,000 over term of 25 years.

Rate fixed for 26 months after which reverts to the RBS variable rate of 3.59%.

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0.97% APR

  • Fixed for 62 Months
  • 60% LTV - Interest Only
  • Overall cost for comparison 2.60%

Representative Example: 

Mortgage of £180,000 on property valued at £300,000 over term of 25 years.

Rate fixed for 62 months after which reverts to NatWest variable rate of 3.59%.

Call NatWest FREE on 0800 068 8567

3.15% APR 

  • Fixed for 26 months
  • 95% LTV - £500 CASHBACK Offer!
  • Overall cost for comparison 3.60%

Representative Example: 

Mortgage of £100,000 on property valued at £200,000. Term of 25 years.

Rate fixed for 26 months then reverts to variable rate of 3.59%.

Call NatWest FREE on 0800 068 8567

HSBC Mortgages

UK Mortgage rates are at all time lows!

See below for a selection of latest HSBC leading deals or use our independent mortgage advice service to compare the whole market.

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HSBC Mortgages

Compare HSBC Mortgages

  • Compare HSBC mortgage deals with the whole market
  • Great Mortgage Rates! - Access to leading market mortgage rates
  • Fast turnaround - speak to us today if you need to move quickly
  • We have lenders who will take into account previous defaults and missed payments 
  • Further Finance? - Looking to raise additional finance on top of your existing HSBC mortgage or HSBC buy to let mortgage? Require short term or bridging finance? - we have access to a range of finance solutions

If your current mortgage deal is coming to a end, you would like to borrow more, or you simply want to take advantage of a newer, better mortgage deal, an HSBC mortgage could help you to achieve your goals.

Remortgaging simply involved moving your existing mortgage to a new mortgage lender, without moving house.

HSBC Remortgage

Why consider a remortgage with HSBC?

Every remortgage provider can offer you something different, so it makes sense to compare as many providers as possible to ensure that you find the right deal for you. Use our FREE remortgage calculator to help you choose from over 5,000 remortgage offers on the market right now.

Remortgaging with HSBC could offer a range of benefits such as:

  • No exit fees – you will not be liable to pay a fee when you fully repay your mortgage (remember, though, that Early Repayment Charges may still apply)
  • Option to port your mortgage -If you move house, you can transfer the interest rate for this mortgage onto a mortgage for your new home (subject to status and terms and conditions).
  • Special deals for HSBC current account holders - If you are an existing HSBC current account or Premier account holder you could be eligible for special remortgage offers and benefits.
  • Make overpayments – some HSBC mortgages allow you to overpay up to 20% of your standard monthly payment without incurring an Early Repayment Charge. Therefore you may be able to pay off your mortgage earlier than might otherwise be possible.
  • Pay your mortgage off early – Do be aware, though, that an Early Repayment Charge (ERC) may apply if you choose to repay early during the initial rate period.
  • Daily interest – interest on your HSBC mortgage deal is calculated daily, which means that if you make over-payments you will pay less interest overall.

HSBC Mortgage Calculator

For HSBC latest deals and what products are available to you use our mortgage calculator to compare what is on offer. Our calculator allows you to look at range of product options including tracker, fixed, offset and lifetime deals as well as buy to let products.

Alternatively go to the HSBC mortgage calculator on their website which provides affordability calculations on what you can borrow based on your income situation. This allows you to look at options for both single or joint mortgage applications.

Certain mortgage products such as HSBC interest mortgage products only will often come with criteria requirements such as minimum income and loan to value thresholds. 

HSBC mortgage deals

HSBC offers a wide range of mortgage types to suit a variety of buyers, from those just starting out on the property ladder to those who are looking to remortgage in the hope of getting a better deal. Some of the HSBC mortgage rates types on offer include:

  • Fixed rate mortgages
  • Lifetime tracker mortgages
  • Fixed term tracker mortgages
  • Remortgages
  • Buy to let mortgages
  • Interest-only mortgages
  • First time buyer mortgages
  • Bridging loans

In addition to the mortgages above, HSBC is also participating in the second phase of the Government’s Help to Buy scheme, and therefore offers mortgages of up to 95% LTV to eligible buyers who want to get onto the property ladder but are struggling to raise a deposit. HSBC help to buy products allow first time buyers to get on the housing ladder with government assistance. Using the help to buy calculator on this site you can see the latest rates offered by HSBC.

About HSBC

HSBC started as the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation in 1865. In 1990, HSBC moved its headquarters from Hong Kong to London, where HSBC became an official UK institution.

Today, HSBC is the world's largest banking group, providing banking services to customers across the globe, with a presence in hundreds of countries worldwide. HSBC now offers a broad spectrum of mortgage deals to suit the needs of many different borrowers.

To compare HSBC mortgage deals with other leading mortgage rates and find the best deals for you, use the mortgage calculator to search over 5,000 mortgage offers based on your personal circumstances.

Before you take out a mortgage

Remember that there are a wide range of lenders available so shopping around could help you find the best deal available. It is important to consider that lending criteria for mortgages can vary between providers, therefore even if a borrower is not suitable for home finance from one lender that does not necessarily mean they would not be suitable for all lenders.

You might also want to consider exactly what kind of introductory period you might most benefit from, options include:

  • Fixed Rate – As the name suggests this type of introductory period offers a fixed rate of interest, so you know exactly how much your repayments will be for this period of time. HSBC fixed rate mortgage deals offer competitive options for people looking to fix repayments from 2, 3 or 5 years. HSBC 2 year fixed rate mortgage rates are some of the most competitive in the market if you have a 60% LTV or 40% deposit.
  • Tracker – Tracker mortgages are tied to the Base Rate, which is set by The Bank of England. This means that the interest rate on the mortgage may increase or decrease in response to any changes made to the base rate. HSBC lifetime tracker mortgage products is an area that the bank is competitive in - lifetime trackers are only available through a handful of lenders. 

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